WEIGHT WATCHER FROSTING: You can use any pudding mix to compliment your cake. Try with Weight Watcher Diet Soda Cake!

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These Skinny Lemon Cream Pie Cupcakes are made with a diet soda and a cake mix, lemon pudding filling and a Cool Whip frosting. They are perfect for Weight Watchers or low-calorie eaters.

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Two Ingredient CAKE!!!! 1 box strawberry cake mix 12 oz. diet 7-up Combine the cake mix and the 7-up in a bowl and beat with an electric mixer until well blended. Bake as directed on box. (I decreased the temp to 325° and decreased the time by 5 minutes.) Cool and frost with Cool Whip or any frosting of your choice.

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cake mix plus diet soda...I used Pilsbury Funfetti and diet cherry 7up. I made the frosting too...container of cool whip with pkg of vanilla instant pudding folded in. You can kinda tell they're "diet" or "light"...but still yummy... my kids ate them up and never seemed to notice the light taste

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If Curves Could Talk: WEIGHT WATCHERS (but NOT Weight Watchers) RECIPE: 2 POINT CUPCAKES!

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