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Two different cakes come together in the perfect union! Perfectly #yummy for #Thanksgivng

Two different cakes come together in the perfect union! Perfectly #yummy for #Thanksgivng

from Around the World Bride

Which Wedding Cake Trend Suits You

drip cakes. I absolutely love them!! fun and different, they would be perfect for a alternative wedding. Desert Stomach has some of the best ones I have seen. Loaded with fabulous treats on top and in many different colours they will certainly be a talking point on the big day.


4-Ingredient Sponge Cake (Video

How to make a sponge cake. It's easy and you can make hundreds of different cakes with this base. Classic 4-ingredient European sponge cake (Genoise recipe)

from Jenni Field's Pastry Chef Online

Basic Lemon Sponge Cake

Basic Lemon Sponge Cake: The Egg Foam Method–That’s a Whole Different Cake

How Much Frosting / Fondant?? (with table of estimated amount of frosting/ fondant required for various cake sizes) -- Quick tip: 12 cupcakes needs 1 cup of frosting

from BuzzFeed

18 Food Mashups That'll Blow Your Mind

Cherpumple (three different pies stuffed in three different cakes!) | 18 Food Mashups That'll Blow Your Mind

from The Cookery Wife

Crispy Apple Layer Cake with Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting

Well, I have been trying some different apple/spice cake recipes the past couple weeks, ones we made (I mean ate, that my mother made) growing up. Last week I tried, "Dan Lewis' Apple Cake", come to find out, that "Apple Cake" that I have been eating nearly my entire life, had no apples in it. Yep, none. Funny.

Wedding Cakes Ideas Wedding Cake Slice Boxes For Guests Combined With Beautiful Red Roses Flowers And Lovely Yelllow Ribbon Create Attractive Wedding Cake Boxes For Guests Decoration Attractive Wedding Cake Boxes for Guests Give Difference Cake Tastes

If you need to swap a baking pan when making a cake recipe, you'll need this chart! A simple cheat sheet of all the different types of cake pans and how to convert a recipe. More


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