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Total black! Il color vocabulary di Enérie vi porta alla scoperta delle sfumature di nero. Quante riuscite ad individuarne ad occhio nudo? Vuoi proporre un argomento per i nostri prossimi vocabulary? Scrivici!

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Herbal Tea Leaves Bikini Set

Look at this beauty, It is a cup of herbal tea at beach. $21.99 Only to get this leave printing bikini set! We pair it with a black high waist bottom. You absolutely need this for your next beach holiday at

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The icebergs of Iceland comes in many different colors, shades and sizes. This one is big, blue and beautiful, but you can also see striped icebergs like zebras, milky whites, and crystal clear shapes like giant ice cubes laying on black beaches. Make sure to see our range of ice, when you visit on vacation - and of course our stunning glaciers.

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This image shows a tree shadow in a forest. I really like the good light affect in this image, i also like the greyscale shades instead of actual colour. I will use or at least try and do a study of this in pencil and develop it with a different technique from an artist.

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I chose this picture because of the contrast between the different shades of color or the lack of color. The trees are very dark and you can only see their shapes no real detail in them, and then in the sky you can see more depth and texture of the clouds. Then the water is shaded to see the ripples in the water. It is a great black and white photo.

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15 Feelings That Are Way Too Relatable For Anybody Who Grew Up Emo

Your parents don’t even get you. | 15 Feelings Anybody Who Grew Up Emo Knows To…

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artchipel: Philipp Klinger - Shadows. Only b/w processing in Silver Efex, Contrast @75% and structure @100% (2010)

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Lexie-- These black pearls are really interesting because they reflect different colors. They are black with iridescent reflections. You can see shades of purple, blue, grey and green.

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