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This is the fifth page of a full Narrative Elements Foldable Book Project, but which may be used separately as a comprehension activity for reading, or as part of an interactive notebook. The printable is designed so that the student illustrates four examples of the different types of conflict from a text, and then writes a short blurb explaining each.

Hatchet - Literary Conflict: What are the different types of conflict in the Hatchet book? Use our T-Chart layout to portray your thoughts! Here is a close up of Man vs. Self.


Confrontation and conflict, however unpleasant they might be, are important aspects of any healthy adult relationship. While some people are adept at handling conflict, others are quick to avoid any ...

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Conflict Color Squares

After teaching the different types of conflict, this activity is a fun way to assess your students' knowledge.Students will read the different scenarios, then decide what type of conflict is represented by the scenario. Then students will color the squares based on the type of conflict.My students love a fun coloring activity and I love that the activity is tied to standards.


At stake here is a different type of conflict between those who believe in democracy and those who don’t. The upcoming election will not address the ensuing crisis, which is really a fight for the soul of democracy. One consequence will be that millions one way or another will once again bear the burden of a society that hates democracy and punishes all but the financial elite. Both candidates and the economic and poHenry A. Giroux | Donald Trump and the Plague of Atomization in a Neoliberal…


7 Types of Conflict in Literature

Learn about the seven different types of conflict in literature with examples from some famous novels.

The Giver by Lois Lowry - Conflicts: Portray the different types of conflict in The Giver with our T-Chart layout.