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Different Types Of Tigers

breeds of tigers | The Adventure's Of Ralph: All of the Tigers and their differences

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Different Tigers

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Tiger Shark: One of the largest sharks, capable of reaching 18 feet. Forced perspective makes this one look a lot bigger. Tiger sharks are Near Threatened with extinction.

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Mackerel Tabby - A mackerel tabby has narrow stripes that run in parallel down its sides. This is what some people refer to as a "tiger cat." The body has narrow stripes running down the sides in a vertical pattern. Ideally the stripes are non-broken lines; evenly spaced. They branch out from one stripe that runs along the top of the cat's back down the spine, resembling fish skeleton -- which is why the term "mackerel" is used to describe it.

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Despite his markings might lead you to believe, "Tiger" is actually a fully registered Morgan. He has Splashed white markings. This type of marking is very rare. It creates a very crisp line between the white markings and the horse's base color. It's almost like they were dipped in white paint. Tiger is also a buckskin.

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Top 10 Photos of Big Cats

Lynx - There are more different types of lynx - Canada, Alaska, European and Asian but all of them have stubby tails and long tufts on the ears.

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Different Type of Cats

Bengal Cat | meow and ruff | Pinterest #catbreed - See more at!

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Any Variation Of #Kimchi Is Healthy and Delicious! #SeoulFood #Foodies

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