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No matter how difficult I get, even when I expect him to leave, he always stays. Thank God he stays. I'll keep him.

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Assumption and lack of communication are the number one relationship…

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Let's keep it simple. Respect my time. Match my effort. Keep your word. Always be honest. Stay consistent.

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It’s so easy to love someone when things are perfect and everything’s wonderful. But to love someone when things are difficult, when the...

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This quote makes me want to cry and I have no idea why. So that's why it is being pinned onto this board.

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I really like this. If you want a relationship to work, you must accept all flaws because nobody is perfect and work through it.

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I still keep coming back to you Bel Shorty. I've been so messed up and that's caused you to leave, now I wish nothing more but to be able to have you again.

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