Digital Poetry Interactive Notebook for Google Classroom and Google Drive. High school English. Middle school English. Teaching Poetry. Poetry teaching ideas.

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to my teacher, school psych, and private practice friends- Seven Parent Personality Types |

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Check out this sample app smashing focused on Writing Digital Poetry. Lots of links and resources here!!!

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Around the App Smashing - Digital Poetry #ec3ta13 #ipaded #edtechchat (June 2013)

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The purpose of this project is to demonstrate knowledge of poetic devices and forms. The student will annotate poetry, and create original poetry in similar forms. They will use MLA format to complete the research part of the project. The project will be presented in a digital format. .

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Digital Poetry — Make Words Zoom and Fly Across the Room! |

Digital Poetry eWorksheets Analysis & Comprehension for Any Poem, Google Drive

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