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Dijkstra's Algorithm in Directed Networks by SR Whitehouse

Dijkstra's Algorithm Worked Example TES

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Decisions 1 Dijkstra's Algorithm powerpoint by Mr Barton Maths

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Dijkstra's Algorithm by SRWhitehouse - Teaching Resources - TES

The Simple, Elegant Algorithm That Makes Google Maps Possible

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Dijkstra Algorithm for Shortest Route by M4thsVideos - Teaching Resources - TES



How to find least-cost paths in a graph using Dijkstra's Algorithm. This video is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License. http...

Dijkstra's algorithm essentially uses breadth first search with greedy approach to come up with the shortest distance between given two nodes. Here is a video that explains Dijkstra's algorithm with the help of examples and animations.


Dijkstra's Algorithm For those who are confused about the path A, E, D, F being the candidate for the answer, Dijkstras algorithm is a greedy algorithm meaning that it will always choose the thing that seems to best right now (without regard for how it may impact future choices). In this case, it chose A-B instead of A-E because the distance 4 < 7, hence ignoring the possibility of having a smaller path. This is what makes it greedy; it always goes for the next easiest solution.