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A guide to Chinatown in Los Angeles

Guide to Chinatown in Los Angeles, including the best dim sum, Chinese restaurants, grocery stores, things to do, and attractions in Chinatown.

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It doesn't get more Cantonese or more delicious than this: steamed siu mai dumplings, the "must-have" of any dim sum meal. My parents live in Rowland Heights, an outer-suburb of Los Angeles, also...

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The 8 best dim sum spots in LA

Best Carts: Empress Harbor Monterey Park If you’re a traditionalist and prefer hailing down a cart full of food to (ugh) ordering, Empress Harbor is the place for you. The dim sum here is pretty great, and it’s the best place in town if you are more of a visual person/like pointing at food.

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Elite Restaurant 名流山莊

dim sum at Elite in Monterey Park, CA. (@bonnietsang on Instagram)

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[I ate] Wonton Soup @ Tian's Dim Sum in Chinatown (Los Angeles CA) #TimBeta