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Everyone has their own journey in life and you have to realize that you can't help everyone and you can't change people. The more you try to change the way someone acts the more frustrated you can get and the more you can be disappointed. People don't change but their behavior can but can't happen unless they want to. Some need more help than others to change their bad habits in life. Don't expect to much and you won't be as disappointed in the end. Some people need to fall on their face…

It is so easy to be disappointed in people. If you've lived a day, then you know that people will disappoint. But I was reminded of this quote this morning. When I rest my hope in Jesus, then I don't have to worry about what people do. #onemorestep


Life has really disappointed me. People's mouth have - Life has really disappointed me. Peoples mouth have made me feel guilty. I want this but my past life is the biggest obstacles blocking me from moving on. Lord please let it be all well.. Please dont let this go away from me. Please let me keep this. In Jesus name. Amen. Posted at: #pray #prayer #request #prayerrequest

I was characterized as a solitary person, unfit for socializing. That description of my personality is not, in all honesty, far away from truth. I went out with many people of different backgrounds but never seemed to find much interest in them. Perhaps it was my disappointment in friendly connections that made me close to people and not put trust in them.

Dear organizers:  My name is Brittany Oliver and I'm a women's rights activist in Baltimore, MD.  As a Black woman, I am once again let down by people who call themselves feminists. I have been marginalized by the movement and now, my guard is up.  Despite my posts being deleted from the national Facebook event page, I've continued to be very vocal in my disappointment in the political co-optation of the "One Million Women," now known as the "March on Washi...

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People are tearing apart that photo of Romney and Trump eating dinner

Come on, guy: Several people seemed disappointed in Romney

So many people are disappointed, upset, confused and scared of the current state... So many people are disappointed, upset, confused and scared of the current state of this world. There are authority figures in this world that many ...


Stephen A Smith on Twitter: "As far as I’m concerned, @Kaepernick7 is absolutely irrelevant.//[This is a real Disappointment. If you can't vote FOR anyone, write in 'none of the above' or something or someone you CAN vote for/not voting and expecting people to pay attention to your cause is not an option. We need MORE people to vote, not less. - in brackets is not what Stephen A Smith said]

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The chart that shows the terrifying impact of 'whitelash' on the world

WTF WHITE WOMEN? REALLY? MISOGYNISTIC ABUSER OVER THE FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT? I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU. IN FACT, I'M ASHAMED OF YOU. While pre-election commentary was dominated by speculation about whether Donald Trump’s controversial remarks about black and Hispanic people would spark an angry backlash from minority voters, one major demographic group went largely igno

HEARTY SERVICE ••• Col 3:23 If you live your #life to please people, you'll recieve all the "DIS-es". You'll be #DIScouraged, #DIScredited, #DISappointed, #DIScharged, #DISheartened & #DISgraced! YUH CYAH PLEASE MAN! Our daily #work is to be done, not only in the sight and in #fear of the Lord (ver. 22 b; Ephesians 5:21), but as actually "to the Lord"! That is where our #reward is...