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Bright Ideas: Use plastic dividers to display student work (Upper Grades Are Awesome)

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Displaying student's work - laminated pieces of construction paper and clothes pins with thumb tacks hot glued to back...

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This is a great way to display student work and utilize the dead space of a window...maybe book recommendations? Looks like it's held up with a curtain rod. Easy to change out by attaching each piece of writing or drawing with a clothespin!

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How to Display Student Work

It can be difficult trying to figure out cute and creative ways to display student work throughout the school year. You want something that will make each of your student's take great pride in what they complete and absolutely love showing off all their hard work and effort. If you are having trouble figuring out the a fun and easy way, than this post is for YOU! My student's loved our display for student work and honestly, kids from other classrooms enjoyed it too.

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Art Ed Central loves this great way to display a variety of students work that is an interactive display .. by Squarehead Teachers:

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