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10 Signs You're Gluten Intolerant A Must Read

If you or a family member needs to switch to a Gluten Free diet this list of substitutes, Gluten Free recipes and tips will be so handy. Gluten Free doesn't have to be boring!


Debloat With Yoga: 4 Poses to Help

Debloat With Yoga: 4 Poses to Help While a proper diet and plenty of exercise are the real prescription for flat-belly success, taking time for a little yoga can assist when an uncomfortable, distended belly needs a little debloating. The following four asanas aid in digestion and will help you feel better faster.


Distended Stomach: Check Your Symptoms and Signs

9 Ways to Beat Belly Bloat During Bikini Season

A distended stomach doesn't exactly make you feel "swimsuit ready." Here’s what to eat, what to avoid, and what to do to sport a flatter tummy all summer long! |


Foods That Cause Severe Distended Stomach Bloating

Kidney beans are named for their shape -- like that of the kidney organ -- and generally come in red and white colors. Kidney beans, particularly red...


Essential Oils and Bloating

Essential oils for bloating. What types of aromatic oils are most often used for…


The 12 Best Foods To Eat When You’ve Hit A Plateau


5 tips for reducing belly bloat and improving your digestive health - Part 1 of a 2-part series! #health #digestion


It's true!: Foods That Cause Distended Stomach


Are you Toxic? Detoxify your body in 3 days with this Natural Raw Food Cleanse. Here’s a few signs that indicate your body may be toxic, you have one of more of the following: Cravings for sugar, salt, starches, bread Weight gain and difficulty losing weight Bloating, distended stomach or lower abdomen Acne, Headaches, stomach aches Lethargy, fatigue, Irritability, Mood swings Dry skin and hair, eczema Constipation, diarrhea (overall irregularity) Lack of concentration Weak immune system