If you or a family member needs to switch to a Gluten Free diet this list of substitutes, Gluten Free recipes and tips will be so handy. Gluten Free doesn't have to be boring!

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Debloat With Yoga: 4 Poses to Help While a proper diet and plenty of exercise are the real prescription for flat-belly success, taking time for a little yoga can assist when an uncomfortable, distended belly needs a little debloating. The following four asanas aid in digestion and will help you feel better faster.

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No one likes the feeling of a distended stomach that sticks out a mile in front of you and walks ahead of you as you go forward, along with

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5 tips for reducing belly bloat and improving your digestive health - Part 1 of a 2-part series! #health #digestion

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A distended stomach doesn't exactly make you feel "swimsuit ready." Here’s what to eat, what to avoid, and what to do to sport a flatter tummy all summer long! | Fitbie.com

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Are you Toxic? Detoxify your body in 3 days with this Natural Raw Food Cleanse. Here’s a few signs that indicate your body may be toxic, you have one of more of the following: Cravings for sugar, salt, starches, bread Weight gain and difficulty losing weight Bloating, distended stomach or lower abdomen Acne, Headaches, stomach aches Lethargy, fatigue, Irritability, Mood swings Dry skin and hair, eczema Constipation, diarrhea (overall irregularity) Lack of concentration Weak immune system

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Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis - classically presents as non-bilious projectile vomiting during the second month of life. Ultrasound is excellent for first line assessment with the pylorus considered hypertrophied if it exceeds 15mm in length and 3mm or more in thickness (from lumen to outer edge). The stomach will usually be distended with fluid and at no time during the scan will the pylorus open.

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