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Distortion 16

I like the refraction used in the image with the glass. I really like the Black & white conversion because i think it adds depth to the image.

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This composition mimics the split look of an object when in the water. However, at the top of the color overlay are lines that look like pixels on a TV or computer screen. Draws your eye to the central focus of the piece (his head, or more specifically his eyes.

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... if a lady chooses not to drink alcohol, she does not impose her decision on other people. If she is offered a glass of wine, she simply says, "No, thank you, but I would love some ginger ale." She offers no further explanation ... Candace Simpson-Giles

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Could also be interesting to consider what a few gausian-blured pixels might contribute to a fractured effect?

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OAK NYC by Jesse Draxler. I could use this idea for advertisement as it would fit within the logo as well.

OAK NYC by Jesse Draxler (Artful Desperado)

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Finding a voice through A Level Art & Design

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Minimalist Pop Culture Prints : Greg Guillemin

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Photographer Guillaume Amat Places Mirrors Into Industrial and Natural Landscapes to Look Both Beyond and Behind

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Overzicht van 20 denkfouten die er voor zorgen dat je geen rationele beslissing neemt

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Dimitra Milan, art, painting

Interview: 16-Year-Old Artist Dimitra Milan Paints Her Wildest Dreams

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Brazilian artist João Carvalho, a.k.a. J Desenhos, is back with more awesome 3D Notebook drawings. Previously featured on Bored Panda, the 16-year-old continues to surprise us with his incredible skill to create fun visual distortions, which seem nowhere near two-dimensional.

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