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When I saw the movie I was like um omg what? She's not supposed to say it yet!!!! It's kinda like a big deal in Insurgent so I was mad. But.........SHEO

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Yes... yes... for the billionth time... i know that they aren't an actual couple... but come on... WHY NOT?!?!?

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I bet katniss and Tobias don't like that very much.<<<who cares about them I don't like it very much (joshifer) (sheo)

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20 Things Bookworms Hate Hearing

if you're gonna threaten me, do it properly.>>If you want it to hurt, you have to be accurate

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1. If Uriah isn't in Insurgent, I'm gonna flip. 2. YAY! 3. Theo James was an amazing pick in my opinion.

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