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Brushed Twill Convertible Riding Skirt - Brown

Annie Oakley would have loved this split skirt ideal for riding. Full cut, and made of the softest brushed twill so it's comfortable to wear but full of style. Features a double row of metallic buttons that hold a fold of cloth open for riding. But when you want a full skirt look, just open the pleat. Imported. 100% cotton. Dry clean or machine wash cold. Availabe in sizes 4-20.


This fashionable and expensive linen skirt, dating from the late 1890s, is divided into two wide leg sections to facilitate the new craze of bicycle riding.


During the late nineteenth century, women bicyclists wore bloomers or divided skirts, which many found shocking. They were not accepted outside of the sportswear context, and The New York Times warned that divided skirts were “merely a resting-place on the road to trousers.” In Paris, bicycling costumes were a fashionable fad, but women risked arrest if caught wearing them while not in the presence of a bicycle. 1888

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McCall # 9057 Vintage Sewing Pattern 1936 Women's Divided Skirt Blouse Size 16

As "divided skirts" de "Temo ser muito antiquada". McCall 9057 | 1936 Junior Miss Divided Skirt & Blouse