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Divorced Parents Quotes

14 Hidden Truths About Being A Child Of Divorce

If you're a kid with divorced parents, constant checkups from mom and dad can be exhausting: "Are you doing okay?" they ask. "Do you want to talk to a therapist? If there's anything that's bothering you about the divorce, you'd tell me...

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This really hits me deep... Girls like us are often made to feel like we are somehow less "pure" than girls who have good relationships with their dads. I can't say it doesn't bother me because it does. I feel like I did something wrong

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I hate that my parents use me to vent about each other. I'm your child, not your therapist

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Every child whose parents divorce has . . . 1. The right to love and be loved by both parents without feeling disapproval or guilt. . . . 12. The right to be a kid. #kids #divorce

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I've seen this happen more times than I care to say. It's horrible to do this to another human being much less your own children. A selfish horrible thing to do.

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Children of Divorce and Depression New Jersey Child & Parenting Issues and #divorce&emotions, #children&divorce, #divorce&depression.

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