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Easy + delicious plant-based recipes that make ya feel good. // xo

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Saffron Rice with Fruits and Nuts

Saffron Rice Pilaf recipe: Long grained basmati rice doused with saffron milk and tossed along with ghee-roasted nuts and dried fruits makes one hell of a beautiful and festive rice dish. Serve with any spicy curry to make a complete meal. #Diwalirecipes #Diwali


Weekly Meal Menu Plan - 7

Weekly Meal Menu for week full of lite and easy dinner recipes after festivities of #diwali and #halloween

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Veg lollipop recipe | How to make veg lollipop


Coconut Sweeta (Laddu) Condensed milk– 1 tin Grated coconut – 250gm Keep aside about 50 gms of coconut aside. In a thick bottomed wok,add the rest of the coconut and the milk, mix well. Cook on low flame for about 5 minutes.When the mixture starts leaving the sides of the wok,switch off the flame and transfer the mix to another bowl and let it cool. Grease your palms with butter and make small balls.Roll them in coconut and arrange them on a butter paper.

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Gulab Jamun Dessert Parfait – Royal Diwali Treat

Gulab Jamun Dessert Parfait (Royal Diwali Treat) #diwali #sweet #indian #gulab #jamun


Masala Papad Cones (Indian Snack)

Hey can we please invent Nacho cones where you icecream scoop the guacamole and chilli and sour cream and use the salsa like a sauce? Can you please tell me that would not be disgusting but in fact the most delicious thing ever?!


Mini Thali Series 2 - Lauki Dal & 2 more in a Diabetic-friendly Mini Thali | Easy Mini Meals | Diabetic Eating As mentioned in my Diabetic Mini Thali (1) we prefer non-rice or non-carb dishes during the week. Although around Dusherra / Diwali the plan goes out of the window (sadly when portion control is required most) yet we come back to simple mini meals like today's and make up for extra calories consumed (gulped) during the festivities. One doesn't need to be a diabetic to eat this…