Skeleton stencil.  Printable (free) for a costume, but works for a science puzzle too!

Skeleton Costume - DIY Halloween Costume

Homemade Minecraft Skeleton costume

I'm not a crazy Minecraft fan but I thought this was a pretty unique approach to a traditional skeleton for a Halloween costume

This with a sick skull face paint over black clothes would make for a classy and sexy skeleton.

Inspiration: Rib and Spine Art CostumeThis creation, titled “the Rib Blouse”, is by Japanese photographer TRMN. The Japanese to English translation is really poor, but it look like this art piece is made out of leather and ribbons.

DIY Skeleton shirt

Rib Cage T-Shirt

DIY: skeleton shirt - pair with leggings for a fast and cheap Halloween outfit. Possibly my next Halloween costume!

44 best celebrity costume ideas to inspire your fall 2015 Halloween costume: Kim Kardashian as a skeleton

53 Epic Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas


Painted Skeleton Feet Shoes Tutorial