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All About the Numbers: Leveraging the Power of the Dow Jones Industrial Average

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Great Depression - Stock Market Simulation Game (U.S. History)

This is a fun and interactive simulation when studying the causes of the Great Depression. #historylessonplans #thegreatdepression #stockmarketcrash


#Uganda shilling and global market report - October 7 2016 #MoneySense #Invest #Stock #Invest The Uganda shilling closed at 3396 on the US dollar 4223 on the British pound 3803 on the Euro 50.98 on the Rupee 33.71 on the Kenyan shilling 2554 on the Canadian dollar 2578 on the Australian dollar and 1.56 on the Tanzania shilling. Please do not get excited. The shilling is going down and BIG time. The recovery today was due to people making money and offloading their positions. As a matter…

#Uganda shilling and global #market report - September 23 2016 #MoneySense #Stock The Uganda shilling closed at 3384 on the US dollar 4388 on the British pound 3799 on the Euro 50.73 on the Rupee 33.43 on the Kenyan shilling 2569 on the Canadian dollar 2580 on the Australian dollar and 1.55 on the Tanzania shilling. #SteadyDepreciation which should boost exports and curtail imports. Celebrate the dollar gaining value and the shilling going down. Coffee Arabica closed at $3.82 per kilo…

#Uganda and global #market report - September 28 2016 #MoneySense #Invest The Uganda shilling closed at 3382 on the US dollar 4403 on the British pound 3794 on the Euro 50.96 on the Rupee 33.40 on the Kenyan shilling 2588 on the Canadian dollar (sweet) 2602 on the Australian dollar and 1.55 on the Tanzania shilling. Coffee Arabica closed at $3.76 per kilo. Coffee Robusta closed at $2.18 per kilo Gold is trading at $1323 per ounce and lost $4. OIL - read the mid week report I shared…

With an implied yield of over 5%, AT&T Inc. represents one of the best propositions for investors looking for safe and consistent cash returns. It is a Dividend Aristocrats and was the highest yielding stock on the Dow Jones Industrial Index


Stock indexes have been around for a long time, the most notable of which is the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) which featured prominently in the infamous 1929 Wall Street Crash. Indexes are nothing more than a weighted average of a basket of financial instruments such as shares or commodities. They are not publicly traded financial instruments in themselves. No one buys or sells an index. There are many types... Read More at…

This graph of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, from 1913 to the present, highlights the impact of wars on the market (a long-term flattening, with cyclical changes within) and interludes of peace, during which the Dow sprints upwards. The chart also shows the Consumer Price Index, during the same period of time


A stock index is a measure of the average value of a basket of associated stocks. Sometimes the basket is quite small, such as the Dow Jones Index, which includes only 30 major stocks. On the other hand, some indexes are quite large, such as the Russell 3000 - the number being indicative of how many stocks are included. These are called "broad-based" indexes. Other indexes cover industry groups such as mining, energy,... FULL ARTICLE…

Access here to know the trends of USA's Dow Jones Industrial Average index for july-2016