Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas, name changing website that can help you make your name change with all the major places like DMV, IRS, US Passport, Postal Service, Driver's License, Banks, Credit Cards, etc. They will ask you questions, you fill out their forms and then print out and file with all of the necessary places. $29.95

Get the basics of car donation and selling a car online or locally. Find out more on required paperwork such as the bill of sale and release of liability.


Change Your Name with the Tennessee DOS & DOR |

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hitchswitch was started by attorneys who strugggled to find the resources and time to quickly, accurately, and legally change their names after they got married. For $40, hitchswitch does it all for you. Just fill out the form, and they send you pre-filled, pre-stamped forms with pre-labeled envelopes so you can change your name with Social Security, DMV, your passport, voter registration, and everything -- all at once.