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The Coming National DNA Database. Barack Obama has already said that he wants one. A major Supreme Court decision last month paved the way for it. Some states are now passing laws that will require DNA collection from those charged w/committing low level crimes & a law that was passed under George W. Bush allows the federal government to screen the DNA of all newborn babies in the U.S. Eventually it will be all of us. They want the DNA profiles of everyone born in the U.S. That is their…

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App Used 23andMe's DNA Database To Block People From Sites Based On Race And Gender

This week, personal genetics company discovered that a programmer had used its open API to create a screening mechanism for websites—which could effectively block people by race, sex, and ancestry.

'Science' of GMO crops is completely wrong: gene modifications affect far more than targeted proteins

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Supreme Court rules in favor of national DNA database, allowing police to forcibly seize DNA without a warrant

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CODIS stands for Combined DNA Index System. It is the core of the national DNA database, established and funded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and developed specifically to enable public forensic DNA laboratories to create searchable DNA databases of authorized DNA profiles.

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David Cameron in talks with EU leaders over international DNA database

Ministers pledge to compensate Brussels if Britain pulls out as part of decisions over Europe-wide policing measures