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Dnc medical

If conservatives get to call universal healthcare "socialized medicine" then I get to call private for profit health care soulless, vampire bastards making money off human pain.

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StillSanders: He accomplished more than we ever thought possible. Maybe now he can take on the senate.

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Gynecology Diagnostic Surgical Instrument & DNC Surgical Instruments set 15 Pcs

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#Marijuana advocates at DNC see big moment for legalization #MME #DNC #Vote #cannabis

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Another casualty of 1968 DNC Detroit Urban Planning: Man (subhuman) found guilty in murder of University of Michigan medical student | News - Home

Come On All You Voters, Let's Take Our Revenge For Bernie Being CHEATED Out Of The Presidency By HRC, DNC, MSM & Let's Vote Him IN To Senate Majority Leader!!! Let Hillary & Her Corporatocracy Chew On THAT. #RockTheVote! #UnitedWEStand!

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YAY Defeat Debbie SUPPORT TIM CANOVA! HE IS RUNNING AGAINST WASSERMAN SCHULTZ! DNC Chair dopes Florida with opiates despite heroin epidemic, but doesn’t endorse drug to soothe suffering cancer victims.