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How To Read Music Made Easy

Let's Play Music : Introducing Do Re Mi and other tips on teaching children to read music.

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Do Re Mi Activities : The Do Re Mi Staircase

Free Do Re Mi Interval Recognition for Chime Bars from Let's Play Music

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Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do Art Print

The lyrics to Do Re Mi in a pretty poster, may be fun for my Let's Play Music students

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Introducing Do Re Mi - Fun Music Theory

Introducing Do Re Mi - Interval Recognition for Kids. This and the whole blog. Excellent stuff!

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Students are given two melodic patterns consisting of Do, Re and Mi. The teacher plays one of the patterns, and students determine which of the two patterns the teacher played. This can be done as a whole class or individually. It is a Smart Notebook download, so that you can demonstrate using the SmartBoard, but also print it off as a worksheet/test.

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make a sound pattern e.g. clap clap stomp clap clap stomp PERFECT for Kdg. and 1st!!! Documents Florida FL%20Student%20Activities Choral%20Festival%20Handbook.pdf wiki images 5 58 VL_load_g25102_Siyahamba.pdf

A Canon of Praise Choral Full Score

We Will Sing for Joy