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Soulmated (Fairies and Goblins) (Volume 1) by Crystal Nicole Sasso. Do Soulmates exist? They do in the Fairy realm of Anguistion. Meet Violet, a normal Fairy who is living underground with friends and family trying to survive the war against the Orc army of Goblins. Surviving seems like it is going to be easier once she meets Kelten who is a Dark Elf. He also happens to be the son of the Orc King Caltor. His mother however is the Fairy Queen. Violet and Kelten quickly find out that they…

A soulmate isn't someone who completes you -


at the end of the day, we are not a story about fate. we are not a story about soulmates. at the end of the day, all we are is this: you do not know how to live without me. i do not know how to find myself without you. we do not know how to exist in the world alone. #spn #destiel


♥want to hug you today ...tomorrow and any other day ♥


I ***DO NOT*** WANT A SOCIOPATH OF **ANY** KIND. A wolf in sheep's clothing is one wolf too many.


Let's talk tires... As a general rule I'm not a generalist when it comes to bike componentry. I'm hesitant to trust in any product claiming to "do it all." As they say "Jack of all trades. Master of none." I do however demand more of my tires. I want my tires light & supple while also being stout & hardy. I want superb traction in the wet & in the dry all while maintaining a low rolling resistance. I want a tire which sets up tubeless with ease & never burps no matter how much air I let out…