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When he subtly commented on the need for more women in Washington. | 23 Times Andy Dwyer Was Secretly A Genius

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How Much Do You Need to Live in New York City?

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Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Doing Your Eyebrows

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16 Things You Should Do On #SocialMedia To Stand Out #etiquette More

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Trust Yourself - How to trust your intuition.

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"Sammy, what the hell r u doing with my angel?" "We needed something for the tree topper. Cas volunteered." "I most certainly did not. I said I would help decorate the tree, not sit upon it." "Semantics, Cas." "Sam, put Cas down so so help me...-_-" Ohhh lol. :D

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Explain this Bullshit!

How do you explain this!? Maybr it's because other planets are more advanced in their exceptance. And they did their best to evacuate said city as well. :)

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I never want to be the kind of Christian week portrays themselves as perfect. I have glad and I have struggles; that's why I need Jesus.

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