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Do u see this Klaus is so hurt and surprised by this and I breakers my heart bc Klaus doesn't let many people in...

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Wendy Yue Opal middle finger flower ring

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Aw but I liked Spooky Jim... I do like that he's using his name too though. But still

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Darly Quowlter and Poker (do u see wut i did there :))))))

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2013-2017 // my feeling didn't matter.. it's okay

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(Open rp message me I'm the girl on the left.Frendship.) I say over the phone " Hey wanna go ice skating?!" U say " Yea sure!"(text for the rest comment if u wanna do it then text me!)

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My sister and I were in a store, and a TOP song started playing, and both of us perked up at the same time at the first beat of Stressed Out

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Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist #Arrow #TheFlash #Supergirl

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Omg I didn't notice that in the episode<<< Greg's face XDD<<Steven's like what is u doing

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