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Doc Rapper

Dr. Dre -

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Red Man

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2Pac & MC Breed ***ahh all the is like perfume, takes you right back in time!!

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I would this image as a front cover for a magazine not only because I like the colours that were used and style but also because its a famous female singer. This would also bring females attention into reading the magazine as the magazine is for both genders.

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Eminem's Rap Battles <3

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Tardis Self Destruct Button. Alright It's a Jammie Dodger.

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EPMD (acronym for 'Erick and Parrish Making Dollars'), American hip-hop duo comprised of emcees Erick Sermon ("E" aka E Double) & Parrish J Smith ("PMD" aka Parish Mic Doc). One of the most prominent acts in East Coast hip-hop, they were known for using the word "business" in their album titles, as well as having a track "Jane" on each album. Their hits include You Gots to Chill, Head Banger, Gold Digger, Rampage, Crossover, So What Cha Sayin', Da Joint & Symphony 2000.

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