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Optometrist Glass Eye Doctor FUNNY FREE personalization

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Training To Keep Up With The Doctor Tank Top


Idris Elba is my ninth choice to play the twelfth doctor because I would really like to see them change it up and make the doctor black. The only reason why I have him in ninth is because the only movies I've seen him act in were obsessed and Prometheus, both where I didn't see a humorous side, at least anything that could be the doctor's humor. One of the things I enjoy most about watching doctor who is the doctors funny faces and remarks so I want an actor who I am sure can play it.

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Here's What It Looks Like When the Twelfth Doctor Draws the Twelfth Doctor

Peter Capaldi was a fan of Doctor Who long before he got the part. Now he is living the dream of actually being the Doctor. Ever since he was a kid he has been creating Doctor Who fan art. Now the actor has created a painting of himself.