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Oh my God is that River

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The One Who Stayed (PJO/Doctor Who Crossover) - The Man With a Blue Box

#wattpad #fanfiction The Doctor had many companions. There's Rose, the one he lost. There's Martha, the one who left. There's Donna, the one who forgot. Then there's Perceia, the one who stayed. Never getting lost from him forever, never dying, never leaving, never forgetting... She stayed with him through everything...

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Image from the cover: Doctor Who - Series 9 Steelbook [Amazon Exclusive] [Blu-ray] [2016]

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Derrick has gotten me hooked on Doctor Who...and so far, Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor!

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Before and After Doctor Who - we just started watching this week so I'm sure this will be funnier later on.

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Day 23: Favorite spin off. Torchwood, I think. I haven't seen a lot of the Doctor Who spinoffs, but I did see a little bit of Torchwood. I liked it, and it's probably my favorite spinoff so far. (-Holly M.)

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"a true child of the fifth doctor" ☺♥♥

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The Regeneration of Dr Who

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