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TWD has played with us for a long time by "almost" killing Glenn several times. This time it really is goodbye

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The Walking Dead

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Double standards. She would've killed him if Lucille hadn't gotten in the way.

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2015-2016 both. And December would've been Glenn. :'-(

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Warm you up

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*i knew from reading the comic books that glen was most likely going to die. doesn't mean i'm happy about it though*

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I'm trying not to share anything from those particular scenes, but this is an exact example of my facial expressions during the whole episode.

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John Glenn July 18, 1921 – December 8, 2016 - One of the original “Magnificent Seven” astronauts in NASA’s Mercury program, John Glenn captured the nation’s attention in 1962 when he first circumnavigated the globe and returned as a hero who had scaled heights no American had reached before.

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They will both be missed. I'm not happy over the demise of them. I love Jeffery Dean Morgan but, this character he is playing is very unbecoming of hos nature. Then again, a bad ass is what he is and does best!

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