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PLEASE SAVE THIS POOR SWEETHEART!! Manhattan Center CINDY – A1097137 FEMALE, BROWN / WHITE, AM PIT BULL TER MIX, 7 yrs OWNER SUR – EVALUATE, NO HOLD Reason MOVE2PRIVA Intake condition EXAM REQ Intake Date 11/17/2016, From NY 10458, DueOut Date 11/20/2016


Does the Dog Die? The most important movie question. Do you ever avoid watching a movie because you aren't sure if the animal makes it? You're not alone! Because there are so many who feel that way, a website has been created to let you know if you need to grab a box of tissues before viewing or if you are safe to watch in the presence of others.

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13 Reasons You May Be Obsessed With Your Dachshunds

yep...cant put my pants on alone anymore Omg is it weird my dog does this all the time ??? LMAO

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Teaching Your Dog Not to Pull on Leash

Does your dog pull or lunge on the leash? Learn how to teach him to walk calmly and safely.


Instagram photo by holydraco - (Leave a "" if you find this imagine cute) - P.s. Draco had no clue that the dog was you nor was an animagus. - The most annoying thing of making imagines is that I have to make all the words fit in the little white box. Therefore I have to delete some words and change some words. And this process does spend me so much time __________ #dracomalfoy #dracoimagine #dracomalfoyimagine