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If your dogs shed lots of hair, just feed them some molasses once or twice a week. This will stop the shedding almost instantly. My dogs love the taste, it's messy so I put it on a little piece of bread for them. It's safe & it works.

from Organic Authority

10 Natural Ways to Minimize Dog Shedding

Reduce Dog Shedding: 10 ways *Rub furniture with dryer sheets to repel future hair/dust from sticking (DON'T RUB SHEETS ON DOGS-> Highly irritating/harmful for them) I've heard, especially with added fragrance and chemicals.. *Try for a weekly bath with your fave dog shampoo.

from Proud Dog Mom

How To Remove Pet Hair From Every Surface

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How to Keep Dog Shedding Under Control

As much time as I spend making my home nice, my dogs don’t seem to care. They’ll jump on the furniture or roll around on the rugs, and usually it’s no big deal, but with summer coming and their furs starting...