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Dog Whisperer: Showdown with Holly. This is proof that even "family dogs" like Labs, Goldens ect can be aggressive. Pitt Bulls get a bad rap from the media, when the media has no idea that all dogs can and may bite.

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If you have about 20 minutes, check out this episode of the Dog Whisperer. Ceaser Milan proves that pit bulls, and all breeds of dogs, can be taught new behaviors and we, as a society, don't need to euthanize animals because they were abused by cruel, ignorant humans.

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César Millán intentó suicidarse

Cesar Millan, famous dog trainer, also known as the Dog Whisperer, is coming to Manila and will appear at Eastwood City this Summer. Description from I searched for this on

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The Dog Whisperer - advice on basic puppy raising- retriever,bulldog, pitbull, terrier special

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Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan: focus Aggression DVD 5 episodes excellent train

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Dog Whisperer Episode with Siberian Husky - YouTube Cesar helps a family with small children learn how to have a better/ more assertive relationship with their hyperactive pup. Maybe these tips will help me and my little one with walking and playing with our overexcited border collie. :)

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▶ Most Aggressive Breeds - YouTube, The fault is not the dog or the breed, it is the human who raised them.

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▶ Tahoe SUP featured on Dog Whisperer episode - YouTube

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