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Okay so at first I didn't like these that much but now I really like them and it sucks because I've never seen them at any drug store (only at dollarama) and I bought whatever was being sold there but I want MOREEEE and different colours! Because I have two pinks and they're basically the same. I really like them! A new twist to basic lipgloss; LIPSLICKS y'all must own at least one! To be honest I like the packaging more than anything this one is 105 Clear Transparent and I purchased it…

Why pay $35.00 for a pair of horse head/shoe brackets for that old barn board shelf you know you want to put up. These were found at a Dollarama store for only $3.00 each! A few of these and you have a useful wall shelf instead of outdated wallpaper borders. Add something interesting to display your foxhunt collection; plaques, trays, brass figures, .. a faux stuffed fox? If you're brave enough maybe an old stuffed taxidermy fox! A couple of bushy fox tails to hang from the horseshoes..


Bought these at Dollarama Store for 2 bucks each - they also look gorgeous hooked on chain link fence with flowers growing out.


Peppermint like Christmas tree.. topper all dollarama store items.. makes your tree pop!

Fish bowl scenes snowman... very festive for any table! All dollarama store items

Peppermint Christmas tree... Tree topper all dollarama store items that I put together. makes your tree pop with festive cheer....

Rudolph christmas decoration using all dollarama store items