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This is how much I don’t care Take a look at these 25 hilarious ecards -

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Because You Don't Care- Friendship Quotes

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21 Signs You Dont Give A Fuck About What Other People Think

You certainly don’t care if people decide they don’t like you. | 21 Signs You Give Zero Fucks About What Other People Think

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I'm Not Stupid I Just Don't Care | ... waste your feelings on people who don't value them Picture Quote #1

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You lied about everything, you son of a bitch. Big stuff, little stuff. And when I would hand you the truth, you would look at me like "so fucking what...I don't care if you found me out." That is when I knew our marriage was over. It became easier for you to be a coward and live a lie, that grow a pair and live the truth. Fuck you.

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This one is for my family. After years of putting up with their selfish Catholic bullshit! I don't care if they burn in hell...

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Don’t worry, be happy (36 photos)

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