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Natural News Announces Economic Boycott Of CNN Corporate Sponsors, Including GEICO, WellsFargo, Sprint, Dodge and ETrade - (NaturalNews) CNN is the ultimate "fake news" network. There isn't a day that goes by where CNN doesn't deliberately fake a news story, distort a significant event for political purposes, or censor an important piece of news they don't want their viewers to discover. [...] 11/19/16

from Fox News

Obama to anti-Trump protesters: March on

Obama to anti-Trump protesters: "March On"......WOW. what about saying, "don't riot, dont' destroy property, don't block traffic"! | Fox News


DON'T HELP RIGGED MEDIA CREATE THE NARRATIVE Start Calling These So Called #TrumpRiot What They Are... #SorosRiots @CNN @MSNBC Breitbart News, DRUDGE REPORT, Linda Suhler, Ph.D. and 7 others


Vetran Responds To Army Corp of Engineer letter to silence free speech | #NoDapl Archives | Published Nov 25, 2016 | | I absolutely agree with this veteran. This is happening to keep the veterans out and they don't want to see the police going up against veterans on the evening news. Click to watch and share video (10:55).

from Mail Online

Just chilling… on an Arctic icecap: Polar bear kicks back in the sunset after a hard day's hunting

Soft snow: Supported by a raised piece of ice, the large male stretches out his Don Johnston/Caters News Agency


Planet X Nibiru Gets Closer -Years of Chaos to Come as U S and Russia Make Preparations Skywatch Media News Published on Nov 5, 2016


Fact-Checking Site Finds Fox News Only Tells the Truth 18 Percent of the Time---This would be hilarious if it weren't for the fact that millions of conservatives get all of their information from Fox News. AC


Advice from a Beekeeper: How to Not Get Stung Keeping honeybees is a lot of fun if you don't get stung. So how do you reduce your risk? For starters, follow the advice of beekeeper Julia Miller. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

from NBC News

Bet You Don't Know Some of These: Hispanics by the Numbers


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