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Donald Trump Donations

Trump overplays military credentials, claims he got award from Marines

'I was given the biggest award by the Marines': Trump overplays his military credentials with claim of 'distinguished award' when in fact it was a charity that honored him after a promised $100,000 donation! LOL! Donald Trump so-called military experience was playing "dress up like a soldier" in a private school for rich kids and getting five deferments so he didn't actually have to serve in the military. Other than that it was amazing.

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Dear Liberal Killary Supporters.. Here's Some DJT Facts MSM Would Never Tell You #WakeUp

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Donald Trump Foundation busted for making up phony charitable donations in its tax returns

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Great photo! - Trump turned down the Presidential salary of $400,000 for only $1.00 yearly salary,

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Donald Trump: Giant Hypocrite who not only donated to & applauded the Clinton Foundation he now accuses of wrongdoing, he refuses to release his own tax returns & hold himself to the same standard of transparency he's demanded of others & that Clinton has lived up to. He also won't release any medical records, unlike Clinton & produced a letter supposedly from his doctor attesting to his good health that stated "all his results are positive." Doctors say results are negative, unless you're…

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but he made and lost his own money --- then made it all back - he doesn't pretend to be anything he's not - having said that I don't know if he's presidential material but hussein obama and the hilliary clinton are definitely are not

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Nov 11 Will They Kill Trump Before Inauguration? Donald Trump Facing ‘ASSASSINATION’ Calls Already As US Rejects New President

Will They Kill Trump Before Inauguration? Donald Trump Facing ‘ASSASSINATION’ Calls Already As US Rejects New President

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Florida AG Pam Bondi in talks with Trump for White House job after pay-to-play scandal By Dianna E. Anderson | JANUARY 6, 2017 During the 2016 campaign, controversy erupted over a pay-to-play scandal in which President-elect Donald Trump used his eponymous foundation to donate money to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's political campaign in return for her dismissal of charges against Trump University. Now Bondi is reportedly in talks for a position in the Trump White House.