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Top 10 Surprising Presidential Candidates (Who Did Amazingly Well

Top 10 Surprising Presidential Candidates (Who Did Amazingly Well) -

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THIS IS A TOTAL TYRANT & BULLY. Trump promises to teach a lesson to his Republican detractors #NeverTrump

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Donald Trump, Who should I be today? My lovable narcissistic self? My dictatorial self? My mean spirited vindictive self or my just my clown self?

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A lot of faith lost in humanity, that so many would put this dangerous narcissist on a pedestal.

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Donald Trump Gold Seal - 45th President T-Shirt Donald Trump Gold Seal - 45th President

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Donald Trump’s Sons Killed Exotic Animals

Back in 2012, photos surfaced of the elder Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Trump Jr. & Eric Trump, proudly posing with the carcasses of dead animals they hunted while on a big-game hunting expedition in Africa. The photos showed Donald & Eric posing with a lifeless cheetah, Donald clenching a knife along with the bloody, sawed-off tail of an elephant, & the pair posing next to a crocodile hanging from a noose off of a tree.

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Popular vote map 2016. This is why we must keep the electoral college. The president would be elected by a few densely populated areas and the rest of us would be ignored.

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PunditFact is "mostly" reliable site to see which politicians and "talking heads" are lying or are actually speaking the truth! This is one of the better sites I use to verify a lot of the political pins and Blog entries

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