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Donald trump inheritance

Heeere's Donny! NY Daily News reports, "Donald Trump threw his red, rubber nose into the ring Tuesday with a jaw-dropping, ad-libbed speech...". He inherited his wealth from his father, Fred, who built a real estate empire in NY. UPDATE: In related news, the 2015 Miss Universe pageant has a new contestant. She's from the Greek-controlled, Republic of Hubris.

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but he made and lost his own money --- then made it all back - he doesn't pretend to be anything he's not - having said that I don't know if he's presidential material but hussein obama and the hilliary clinton are definitely are not

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"Clearly the one thing Donald Trump didn't inherit from his daddy was a thesaurus."

There’s a Tinder-like App for One Percenters

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Donald Trump - no way I vote for this buffoon in 2016! - Meme on Imgur

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And they still don't get it, we're fed up with career politicians who pander to their special interests and their big campaign donors.

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How does Trump know how America works if the pompous rich daddy's boy who inherited everything never worked a day in his life?

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