Donald Trump's Son Eric Is Married

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Once again, this is mocking Donald Trump. Donald said some abnormal comments about his daughter that disgusted many. This pic is using a Star Trek character to make fun of Donald and his supporters.

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Top 10 Surprising Presidential Candidates (Who Did Amazingly Well) -

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The Donald #Trump Show. Today’s cartoon by Arcadio Esquivel:

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A roundup of the best memes showing Barack Obama and Joe Biden's imagined conversations about pranking Donald Trump.: One Horcrux Down

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Please remind Mr. Trump of the sacrifices made by our veterans and expecially of our POW and those that didn't come home or came home broken. It is their service that has protected our freedoms. They should be respected and honored. This is the link to the video where Donald trashes John McCain and our POW

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Donald Trump destroyed by Stephen Colbert | Stephen Colbert Does His Thing On the Donald.

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Funny Memes Skewering the 2016 GOP Candidates: Donald Trump vs Megyn Kelly

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