This 3 Minute Trump Video Changes Everything!|1.10.16|"I believe this 3 minute Trump video could be the back breaker for all those running against Trump! Nothing has moved me more than this short video. Tell America, we’re taking our country back! We’re going to prosecute those who have gone free all these years! It’s time to act. It’s time to destroy & prosecute the new world order scumbags…for their crimes…Let the people speak & take action & create the biggest landslide in election…

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Donald Trump photographed at Trump Tower in New York City, August 18, 2015.<br><br>From "The Donald Has Landed." August 31, 2015 issue.

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A 2006 Caricature of Donald Trump and his hair. This caricature exaggerates his font hair and his chin area. If you look close up you can find a bald spot in his hair.

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Please remind Mr. Trump of the sacrifices made by our veterans and expecially of our POW and those that didn't come home or came home broken. It is their service that has protected our freedoms. They should be respected and honored. This is the link to the video where Donald trashes John McCain and our POW

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TRUMP: the COMING LANDSLIDE. ~Ancient Prophecy Documentary of Donald Trump - Published on Sep 29, 2016

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Donald Trump's new $100 million private plane is a veritable luxury suite with wings -- featuring gold faucets and seat belts, suede-covered ceilings and enough legroom to accommodate the high-kicking Rockettes.

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The United States presidential election of 2016 scheduled for Tuesday November 8 2016 will be the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election. Donald Trump Jr a strong Candidate of This Election. Most of american people Love & Like him. American president election American president candidate the american president American presidential election 2016 Donald Trump Jr American president election 2016 American president 2016 American president candidate 2016 American president lin Us election…

heart 1 Donald Trump. Declaraciones de Donald Trump son prejuiciosas y absurdas: Osorio, Enlaces, Imágenes, Videos y Tweets -

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