Happy Friday! We hope you enjoy the outdoors this weekend. x Our Forest Plate and Mountain Home Tea Towel at the K+ Donna Wilson exhibition and pop-up in Singapore, more info here: http://www.donnawilson.com/2015/04/17/k-donna-wilson-exhibition-pop-up-shop-in-singapore-opening-this-friday

Forest Plate and Mountain Home Tea Towel - Donna Wilson . Love Donna Wilson and particularly these designs.

Donna Wilson Collection- so many great plush toys / dolls #littlenest #pinparty

Donna Wilson knit creatures- always showing these to kids, they are way inspired by these badboys

giant knitted doll

Handmade in our London studio out of Scottish lambswool, each Giant Creature is one of a kind and made to order. No two are alike!

Donna Wilson - Creatures

big ted loves cheese and pickle sandwiches and dislikes shopping, by donna wilson