Re-purposed door hardware into house address....... I have a stack of these from Chicago salvage!!!!!

use old door plates for your house numbers 25 Awesome Upcycled DIY Projects - The Cottage Market

Antique rusty old collection salvaged iron black porcelain brass metal door knob parts pieces lot by Hannahandhersisters on Etsy

Antique rusty old collection salvaged iron black porcelain brass metal door knob parts pieces lot

Listed are four doorknobs. Make wonderful towel hooks. I am happy to supply additional photos and details with inquiry.

We are taking an afternoon walk along Lincoln St and spot a cute shop in an old house. The distinctive pink door is open and the sign reads “Off The Wall Architectural Antiques”. We lov…

Off The Wall Architectural Antiques, Carmel I've always loved old door knobs!

How to open a door when the knob has fallen off. | Photo: Brian Henn/Time Inc. Digital Studio |

47 Skills You Need to Survive Homeownership

To open a door with no knob, engage the spindle using pliers to grip and turn, or a large flathead screwdriver to fit into the spindle hole and turn if the spindle is inaccessible.

11. Change an old chair’s color by fabric spray painting. Get Tutorial here —-> 12. Cool idea of using a spray paint on existing door knobs. Get Tutorial here —-> 13. Cover your refrigerator with these classic painted magnetic letters. Get Tutorial here —-> 14. Give those glass mason jars a metallic look. […]

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another way to attach a rock doorknob or pull. Could be used for anything, not just rocks

DIY Rock Knobs for Cabinets or Doors

DIY Rock Knobs for Cabinets or Doors (Handles, pulls) - just attach screw with epoxy, then add a couple washers on the rock side to make it stick out a bit from the surface and tighten on with a locking nut.

Junky Christmas trees and LOTS more upcycled and repurposed Christmas DIY crafts on

Junky Christmas Trees Made with Old Lamp Parts

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Custom Hand Painted Recycled Wood and Decorative Door Knob Sign -"prayer is the Key to Heaven, but Faith unlocks the Door.

Art Deco Picaporte                                                                                                                                                                                 Más                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Art Deco Lever Handle, included to show the way the art deco patterns can be mapped onto a non-deco shape.