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Funny things, expectations: people get all affronted by stories of doping in athletics, or cycling, or football, tennis, bog-snorkelling, but when it comes to racing, no one bats an eyelid. Like everyone expects the horsey-game to be populated by bandy-legged little con-men just aching to plunge syringes into vulnerable veins. There’s almost disappointment if the roguish-slash-criminal caricature doesn’t apply.

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Doping in sport: What is it and how is it being tackled?

The issue of doping in sport has been a concern since the 1920s

FIFA's chief medical officer insists he is confident there is no systematic doping in football. A report on doping in sport by the French Senate - which focused primarily on cycling's Tour de France during the 1990s - also covered anti-doping procedures in football and rugby union at that time.

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How to Fight Doping in Sports

New York Times: Aug. 2, 2015 - Sunday Review: How to fight doping in sports


The Psychology of Doping in Sport ( Routledge Research in Sport and Exercise Science) (Hardcover)

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Opinion: It's time to allow doping in sport -

Author Ellis Cashmore says the fight against doping in sport is misguided. Instead, he argues athletes should be allowed to use drugs.

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Russia a 'super power' in fight against doping, sports minister insists

Russia's race to drum out doping in sport hobbled by false starts

Tennis Doping Sharapova in campo nel 2017 - La Gazzetta dello Sport


Doping in Sports (Hardcover)