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Double Fine Adventure

Double Fine Adventure by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions, via Kickstarter. This is the project that raised a million dollars in one day! The video is very funny. It has now raised a total of over 3 million.


This is the actual Kickstarter page for Double Fine Adventure, which would eventually end up titled Broken Age. As you’ll be able to see on the page, the campaign raised over 3 million dollars in about a month which is staggering, especially at the time. Also, you can see the original pitch that convinced 87,142 people to open up their wallets. One of the key aspects they promote is that the production would be public and transparent, in addition to appealing to nostalgia.

Double Fine crowdfunds the development of its new adventure game. (btw: On the picture you can see Tim Schafer negotiating with publishers.)

from VentureBeat

Double Fine Adventure shatters Kickstarter record with $1M raised in first 24 hours (updated)

(prestent)Earlier this week, crowd-funding site Kickstarter set a new record when the Elevation iPhone Dock became the first project to close in on the $1 million dollar mark. But that milestone has officially been bested. In its first 24 hours, gaming studio Double Fine Adventure’s Kickstarter project has raised more than $1 million and it shows no signs of slowing down. (Popper.B, 2012)

from Fangamer

Double Fine Adventure Definitive Edition Blu-Ray

What began as Double Fine Adventure, one of the most successful gaming Kickstarters of all time, is now Broken Age. This three-disc set, featuring Broken Age for Mac, Windows, and Linux and 2 Player Productions' Double Fine Adventure documentary, features over 30 hours of bonus features! Double Fine Adventure documentary Blu-raySeries commentaries from 2 Player Productions and the Broken Age development teamImproved audio and video presentationExclusive gatefold art by Nathan “Bagel” Sta...