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Dow Jones Close Today

The downturn in the Market that was expected if Trump won is just not happening. The Dow Jones closed 200 points higher today.

Dow Jones Price : 17,511.34 Today's change : -33.84 (-0.19%) Open : 17,537.30 Prev Close: 17,545.20 - See more at:


Dow (18332.74, +0.40%) closed higher and was witnessing a Clinton lead then. Going with the charts, the 3-day candle has 18400 as an immediate resistance and while that holds, we could see a fall towards 17800 or even more today. Note that the Dow futures are down about 700 points and could reflect in the Dow Jones tonight. Visit: - The number 1 financial investment alert provider. #marketsandyou #tradesuccessfully #technicalanalysis #signupnow #tradingguide #financi

ow Jones Price : 16,351.38 Today's change : +293.03 (1.82%) Open : 16,058.30 Prev Close: 16,058.30 - See more at:


US Stocks Push to New Record Highs: US stocks continued their recent rally, with the S&P 500 and Dow Jones closing at record highs.  The…

#Uganda shilling and global market report - October 6 2016 #MoneySense #Invest #Stock The Uganda shilling closed at 3415 on the US dollar 4308 on the British pound 3806 on the Euro 33.71 on the Kenya shilling 51.20 on the Rupee 2583 on the Canadian dollar 2590 on the US dollar and 1.57 on the Tanzania shilling. The shilling crashed through its support on the US dollar which I had set at 3375 and 3340. The next support levels are now 3425 and 3450. Resitance is now firm at 3400 with the…

05/09 Dow Jones turns bullish again. The index reversed to a bullish mode and yesterday saw a failure to break above the high. This causes a difficult trading situation as now the Dow Jones would need to either break above 13095 to move higher or if the index trades sharply lower today and creates another bearish trend bar then once again the opportunity arises for the bears to take over. It is also important for the bears to keep the index below 13060 on a closing basis.

Closing Prices for Major U.S. Markets: Dow Jones Industrial Averages: 16,253.57   -239.11 S & P 500: 1,942.04   -27.37 NASDAQ: 4,756.53   -55.40 Major Events Affecting Today’s Markets: The markets opened slightly higher today, but gradually began to lose momentum, ultimately closing down sharply. Despite measures that China has taken to shore up its stock market, U.S. …