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Dow chalks up best week in five years, closes at record high - 12,Nov 2016 :->The Dow Jones industrial average climbed 0.21 percent to end the week at 18,847.66 and the Nasdaq Composite added 0.54 percent to 5,237.11.


Donald Trump in the White House: Will He Bring Steve Bannon With Him?

President-elect Donald J. Trump’s busy day in Washington has come to an end, with smiles all around and the Dow Jones industrial average at a record high, but with protests continuing in the city’s streets. Mr. Trump had intended to stay the night in Washington, but changed his mind and returned Thursday to Trump Tower in Manhattan. Check back with us as we monitor every step of the Trump transition.

E-mini Dow Jones Industrial Average (YM) Futures Analysis � November 16 2016 Forecast

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Trader pleads guilty to sparking stock market 'Flash Crash'

If you were trading on an American stock market on May you probably had a minor heart attack: the "Flash Crash" that day sent the Dow Jones Industria...

In an age where many pundits and pollsters ought to be put out to an ignoble pasture, predictions and astrology gazing on the US election continues.  While he did have a better sense of this electi...

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