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What Is Down Syndrome: Facts and Symptoms

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MTHFR genetic defect info.... Although it is a (side effect?) Of MTHFR, Down Syndrome is NOT A DISEASE!!!!

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Using a panel of ultrasound markers in a systematic fashion as a part of screening has been referred to as a "genetic sonogram". The presence of one of these markers may increase the possibility of Down syndrome.

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Guide to the best behavior intervention plans and ideas for dealing with child behavior problems in all children, including those with ADHD symptoms, signs of Autism, and Down Syndrome characteristics.

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Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease | Signs, Symptoms, & Diagnosis Approximately 75% of those 60 and older with Down Syndrome also have Alzheimer's Disease.

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These excellent visuals come from (website seems to be down at time of writing) and offer a quick reference for teachers and others to identify signs of the above conditions.

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Gilbert Syndrome is a common genetic liver disorder found in 3-12% of the population. It produces elevated levels of unconjugated bilirubin in the bloodstream....

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