See, I love Docs, they're soo cute on other people, but I'm scared they will make my feet look HUGE and make me look like a grunge wannabee.

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oh my goodness guys. i couldnt be more happier. ive reached 8k. simce i first started pinterest, ive always had a goal. my first goal was 100 followers. and then 200 followers. etc. but my ultimate goal was 8k. ever since i got my first followers ive wanted 8k ultimately. and its finally happened. i couldnt be more happy and more proud. its like im winnig an award. without you guys, i wouldnt be this big. and i know theres accounts out there with 40k & everyone calls (continued in comments)

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The original boot you think of when you think of Dr. Martens, the 1460. Named for the first day it rolled off the line, April 1, 1960, the 1460 is still as…

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