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Animal Planet's Imaginary Dr. Paul Robertson And "NOAA Fisheries Dept" Probably Found An Ama, Not A Mermaid. [Once again - these are mock-umentaries or fake documentaries. Why are there so many people that refuse to even read or think independently? Scary in America.]

Dr. Paul Klotman, from left, with Brooke and Corby Robertson at the National Philanthropy Day Awards November 2014.

tinycartridge: “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Duke Nukem, a gang of Squirtles, Cobra, and other sunglasses-wearing badasses pixelart-ized by Paul Robertson


[ANOTHER INTERNET HOAX - FAKE DOCUMENTARY] Mermaids Are Just As Real As Dr. Paul Robertson (Who Doesn’t Truly Exist). everything broadcasted in these “documentaries” was just as fake as the man named Dr. Paul Robertson who doesn’t truly exist. The man who did the interview and was in the “documentary” Mermaids: The Body Found was really an actor by the name of Andre Weideman. Andre has been in other movies. He is not a member of NOAA, and has not worked as a scientist.


Real Mermaid Body Found | Biologist Dr. Paul Robertson returned with what appeared to be brand ...